About Darlene

Darlene at piano, editedDarlene Beasley grew up in Lovell, Wyoming, a daughter of wonderful and talented parents, Jake and Fern Adolf. She wrote her first song when she was sixteen years old, however, didn’t write it down until many years later. She moved to North Carolina when she was eighteen, and newly married. She then began writing music for church roadshows, and a few other occasions that she was asked to write for.

Over the years she has accumulated many songs. Most of them have stories, which may be shared at a later time, but all of which were inspired, and became blessings in her life. Inspiration for Darlene’s compositions accelerated beginning in 2008, when she wrote her first Christmas Cantata. She attributes much of it to the blessings received for being a temple worker in the Columbia, SC Temple. She feels that the closer she is to the Spirit, the more inspiration is received for her music.

Darlene feels that her music is a gift given from a loving Heavenly Father, and that she only writes it down. Since she feels that it is so freely given to her, and it blesses her life, she wants to share it with others, hopefully blessing their lives as well.

All of the music on this website is available for free download for non-commercial or non-profit use only. If anyone would like to use any of this music for other purposes, feel free to leave a message in the comments section of the website, and she will contact you.

Please feel free to enjoy this music! Darlene has enjoyed making it available for you.

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